Veterinary Instruments

Veterinary instruments:

We are the best Veterinary instruments manufacturer in Sialkot Pakistan. We manufacture Veterinary scissors, Veterinary speculums, Veterinary Retractors, Veterinary forceps, Veterinary needle holders, Veterinary Castrators, Veterinary Hoof knives, Veterinary Trocars, Veterinary Bull Nose, Veterinary Teat instruments, Veterinary Halters, Veterinary shears, Balling Guns etc.

  • Our manufactured Veterinary instruments with High Quality stainless steel.
  • Veterinary instruments can be coated in any color you want.
  • Veterinary instruments are available in both, Polish (Mirror) & Dull Finishing.
  • We Packed our Veterinary instruments in Simple Polly bag Or Plastic Bag. But it can be changed if customer requires.
  • Our Veterinary instruments are ISO & CE Mark Certified.

Please Don’t Hesitate to contact us if you found something is missing in our products range on our website. we can design new products in very short period of time with latest standard and technology.

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